Bathroom Addition


This master bathroom addition went from dull to spa oasis so this middle school math teacher could relax after long days at school. From the oversized tub, to the large window and classic materials, this bathroom is sure to relax anyone!

Serving as an addition to the home, the new master suite provides sweeping views of the hills and valleys filled with orchids just outside the large window which also features top down / bottom up window coverings for privacy when needed.

To connect with the rest of the home, we chose classic patterns and neutral colors including a ceramic tile with a marble pattern that was not only beautiful, but cost efficient. While we economized on the materials and finishes, we did splurge on Oceanside Glass Tile for the vanity backsplash and the trim surrounding the sinks and tub. Oceanside Glass is handmade and organic in shape which brings a soft texture and dimension to the space and connects the surrounding areas of the bathroom.

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