Yakima Kitchen Remodel


This 1970’s split-level kitchen was truly dated and inefficient. Flow to and from hallway, dining room and kitchen was awkward, cabinets were old and difficult to organize, and it seemed each storage spot hid a black hole in its corner where items were lost forever.

My first step was to completely remove and update the plumbing, lighting, and electrical systems. Though there was extensive rework in the space, I kept the position of the kitchen window to allow its natural light and view of the backyard garden to emerge as a highlight of the space.

Darlene has a doctorate degree in plant ecology so the colors and materials speak to her work and carry those natural elements through to a kitchen that celebrates her love of cooking and baking. Whimsical nods to nature are peppered throughout the space, such as the metal handle pulls shaped like tree branches.

The addition of new ceiling and under-cabinet lighting assures that all spaces and surfaces may be illuminated and offers a beautiful practicality to the prep and cooking spaces.

For small spaces it is important to maintain visual consistency in color and pattern, so I integrated updated appliances with cabinet fronts to build a cohesive design appearance throughout the space.

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