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Interior Design That Tells Your Story With Your Style

Ever walk into someone’s home and instantly feel comfortable, happy and calm? You know those spaces that are perfectly balanced, thoughtfully reflect the owner’s personality and lifestyle, and immediately invite you to relax? It’s our mission to make your home feel like this, too.

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Elevate the Ordinary with Timeless Interiors

Whether you’re into eclectic design with pops of color or traditional interiors that exude quality and timeless design, we have the interior design knowledge, experience and chameleon flexibility to inject your unique style into every corner of your home or commercial property. 

Full-Service Interior Design

When it comes to residential interior design, we love to get involved from day one to help you avoid costly redesigns later, especially with new construction, and helping you choose the right furniture, accessories, materials, and finishes for you.

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your current home, or want to upgrade one room at a time, we create thoughtful designs centered around your goals, lifestyle, and story. 

We also work with contractors to help maximize the space you have by safely moving walls and reconfiguring plumbing and electrical systems. For finishes and furnishings, we connect you with our trusted network of local vendors.

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Residential Interior Design
“Angela, just a note to say thank you for going above and beyond for us! Just Outstanding! I am so happy with my kitchen!”
— JS
Commercial Interior Design

Full-Service Interior Design

With a long-standing educational and professional background in Interior Architecture, we are well-versed in commercial interior design and work closely with your architect to ensure the design of your space and the architecture work harmoniously together.

Our process involves developing mood boards, drawings, and detailed floor plans to help you visualize the look and feel of your office, restaurant, retail store, café, residential development or any other commercial property. 

As a full-service interior designer, we assist with everything from the procurement of your materials, furniture and finishes to the installation and construction of your new space with a stress-free experience that manages multiple moving parts.

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“Thank you, Angela, for your incredible interior design help with our new office! The flooring and paint colors look fabulous and have transformed our space.”
— CCC Board of Directors

Designer On Call
Interior Design Consulting

Need an interior designer to consult with you on design decisions such as soft furnishings, floor plans, procurement, furniture layout, or cabinets and hardware? Our Designer On Call service lets you access our expertise without the long-term commitment.

Visualize your space with detailed drawings, get advice on choosing items for your property, or even staging homes. We become your trusted sounding board for your interior design ideas, helping you make stylish, yet functional choices.

For those who need help with furnishings, decor, finishes and more, we can curate trips to Seattle Design Center and utilize our trade only showroom access.

This service begins with a discovery call where we can determine how many hours you need, and we’ll go from there.

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What to Expect Working With us

1 - Discovery

We’ll meet to discuss your vision for your makeover and understand the problems you’re currently facing. Then, we put together a detailed proposal and preliminary budget.

2 - Design

Once the contract is signed, we’ll meet again to review our concept boards and help you choose finishes, accessories, furniture, and materials with tailored showroom visits.

3 - Installation

We work with local contractors (if needed) to complete your remodel or new construction, installing every item as they arrive. Once installed, it’s time for you to explore your new space and finally enjoy your home the way you've always wanted to.

What our clients think

I was fortunate to have Angela Rennie update the interior of our older, yet very comfortable, Sun Ship motor yacht. She was able to bring several different rug samples to the boat that updated the main living area. Once the rug was selected, she continued the upgrade with matching pillows, throws, baskets and artwork. The overall affect was beautiful and enhanced the boat’s interior . I look forward to having Angela help me with home design in the near future!
— Hollie M.
We are finally in our Sun Valley house. Our contractor wanted to put our house on his website so he hired a photographer. So much of this house was your initial inspiration. You were my guiding angel in the colors, texture and feel!
— RH
Angela helped us with our kitchen remodel, She has an excellent eye for color, texture, and space.  We appreciated her creative ideas like using polished brick in one corner, lighting display shelves and adding a pendant lamp over our kitchen table. We would highly recommend her for any room design or decorating project. She was a pleasure to work with.
— Wendy B.
Thank you so much for letting me know about your class.  I love that you are trying new things.  I was very surprised by the color board I made, and can’t wait to start making a shift in my home.
— MM
I moved into a Senior Living  Apartment. Angela used furniture from our home and very tastefully  complimented what we had with new pieces to make a beautiful home for us to be so comfortable in. Thank you Angela. A job WELL DONE!
— M H.

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Color Story Masterclass

Tired of staring at the same old Manila walls you’ve had since moving in? Ever struggle to match decór?

In our 2-hour Color Story Masterclass, you’ll learn all about color theory, color energy, and how to create the perfect color story for your home.

Then, we’ll work together to create your very own mood boards using a range of textiles, wallpapers, and paint colors over some delicious food and drinks.

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Free Kitchen
Remodel Guide

A kitchen renovation is the most popular remodeling project after bathrooms. On average, a homeowner will recoup 75% of the cost of a remodel at a sale. Grab our free guide to make sure your kitchen remodel is a success.

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