White Pass Village Inn Condo Remodel


Studio space 12x17 204 SF (sleeps 1-4)

Built in 1964, this condo had all its original fittings and was used year-round. The space underwent a complete teardown to be able to implement more modern amenities for heating, plumbing, light fixtures, appliance, and furniture.

I approached the design in terms of envisioning it as a small trailer or recreational boat–ultimately, a cozy, comfortable space for skiers and hikers.

The space plan separates the public and private areas to define each for their distinct purpose. The main feature of the public space is the large picture window on the front side of the unit featuring a mountain view and abundant natural light. The kitchen updates offer versatility and practicality with built-in bench seating and mobile furniture for flexibility.

The unit’s private space includes two bunk beds with storage space underneath. There’s also a bathroom at the rear of the space.

I made sure to include lots of storage for bulky ski gear and clothing and utilized many wall hooks so all the essential gear has a place.

The completed condo materials and color scheme are durable, long lasting, and reflect its mountain setting and the nature that surrounds the space.

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